Online Governance Training for Board Trustees

As of June 2020, Maighread is offering Online Governance Training for Trustees in Social Enterprises, Charities, Cooperatives and Not for Profits. Maighread will liaise with your Charity Trustees prior to the training in order to carry out a Training Needs Analysis. She will then design a training course which will be tailor made to meet the specific needs of your organisation. It is Maighread’s experience from working as Charity Trustee and supporting Charity Trustees that in order for the training to be effective it has to be designed to meet the specific needs of each Charity Trustee.

Programme Objectives:

  • Introduce “Governance” and its relevance to the Charity Sector.
  • Identify the Key Legal Responsibilities of Trustees
  • Explain the Duties of Trustee’s
  • Define the Roles of Trustee’s
  • Identify the Legal and Regulatory requirements that apply to the work of the Charity

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module the participant will be:

  • Able to define governance, describe its purpose and significance
  • Define the role of Trustees in relation to their organisation
  • In a position to explain the legal and regulatory requires that Trustees in Ireland need to adhere to.

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