What is a Management Consultant?

So after a very busy week of very enjoyable networking; I found myself consistently trying to explain what is a “Management Consultant” and what services I offer my clients .

So I decided to do a little research (one of my skills) and came across this very good description:

Being a management consultant is all about having a “Swiss Army knife of solutions you can use to work with a client”.

Others included:

  • Fulfilling business needs that cannot be undertaken successfully by the client due to lack of time or other resources
  • Using their independence to manage difficult or political situations on behalf of their client, often using change management expertise and human resource knowledge
  • Gaining an independent and innovative overview of businesses in order to identify areas of improvement or development, stimulating the client to change or adopt desired practices.

So, if you are a busy manager or business owner who does not have time to keep up with changes to Irish Legislation or have staffing issues please give me a call. I work across sectors and can offer simple solutions that can give employers confidence and reassurance.

Maighréad Kelly is a management consultant and offers a range of supports to employers in the area of HR and Operations. Maighréad is an experienced interviewer and is available to sit on interview panels as an external and impartial interviewer and advisor. She also works as an external investigator and is available to carry out investigations into complaints which can arise within an organisation from time to time. For more information on the services that Maighréad provides go to www.maighreadkelly.com or check out Maighréad’s experience on https://www.linkedin.com/in/maighreadkelly/